German Shepherd “Sultan” King of Dogs

Sultan is truly the most magnificent of dogs – a long-haired German Shepherd and a wonderfully intelligent, affectionate and striking animal.

I’ve owned a couple of gorgeous German Shepherds in my life and losing them both was very hard – all animal lovers know the crushing anguish and grief of saying a final goodbye to a wonderful animal companion whatever their breed.

Because I don’t have a life (yet) that allows for quantity time with such a loyal pet, I haven’t replaced them.   I do have cats and they are wonderful too, but there’s nothing quite like a dog.   One day I will have another Shepherd though – nothing is more certain.

Sultan is the largest piece I’ve done so far.  Pastel paintings need glass and mats for protection which makes larger works too heavy and transportation difficult therefore larger works are best done in another medium not requiring the added weight.


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