My brother John

My brother John was heading back overseas when I pleaded with him to allow me to take some photos of him so I could do his portrait while he was away.

He’s very reserved and quiet but obeyed his big sister and graciously allowed me the opportunity.   Originally I intended to have him full length with my Chinchilla cat (which he loves) in the picture at his feet, but I felt that his finely drawn features – he’s tall and thin – needed to be more ‘front and center’ and contracted the painting somewhat.   He has expressive hands that can do and make anything and I wanted to detail those too.

His reserve in public is usually displayed by the way he folds his arms close to his body so this pose truly captures the way he is known to his family.   He also has facial attributes shared by our father and also an uncle (Ome Sjaak) on our mother’s side.   A wonderful combination of two great men from both sides of the family who have sadly passed away – but while John lives, they truly aren’t gone.

The portrait is unfinished at this stage as other commissions dominate but the image will be replaced once completed.

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  1. The result is stunning, the resemblance to your father (our oom) Paul and oom Sjaak is almost eerie. The “reserved” posture can also be called as one of our family traits… 😉


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