“Bozo” – The Best Man

Bozo the Alpine Goat is no longer with us having gone to Goat Heaven back in April this year.   A very sad day for his owners but he was old and life just wasn’t fun anymore.

Bozo had his 15 minutes of fame however when he was “Best Man” at a local wedding a few years ago.   He dutifully carried out his tasks – the full details of which I have yet to learn – and then right at the end – as if it was payment for a job well done – he ate the bride’s bouquet!

Possibly he was hungry…….and those flowers sure looked tasty.

Bozo is painted with acrylic paint from a small photo with minimal detail so I needed to create information where little was to be had.   Acrylic paint is a new medium for me and one that requires me to work quickly to ensure the paint does not dry on the brush.   Having fallen in love with the fluidity and playfulness of oil paint many years ago this stretching of my skills and learning to make quick painterly decisions has been a good thing.   Of course the main advantage of acrylic paint is the fact that it can be painted over quickly and mistakes speedily remedied.   It can also be hung the same day – something oil paintings don’t permit.

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